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4 WD Tractors in India

If you need strong 4WD tractors in India for your farming work, you’re in the right place. We’ve compiled a list of 4x4 tractors at CMV360 to help you find the best ones available in India. You can choose from a great variety of four wheel drive tractors that suit your land requirements and budget.

These versatile 4WD tractors in India cater to various horsepower requirements, from 17 HP to 120 HP, ensuring suitability for various farming tasks.We aim to simplify decision-making by offering you a comprehensive list of 4x4 tractors in India from top manufacturers like Mahindra, Swaraj, Massey Ferguson, Sonalika, .

4wd Tractors Price in India

From popular brands to lesser-known gems, we’ve included every tractor in our range with their respective 4x4(wd) tractor price in India so you can choose for your specific needs. 4 wheel drive tractors like Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 DI-i-4WD, New Holland 3630 TX Super Plus+ 4WD, New Holland Workmaster 105 (TREM-IV), Sonalika Tiger 50, like 4WD mini tractors and more are provided with detailed specifications and up-to-date four-wheel drive tractor prices in India for 2023.

With prices starting from Rs. 2.45 Lakh our listings include budget-friendly options while maintaining quality and performance.CMV360 is a trusted source for everything related to the best 4WD tractors in India, including the latest models and competitive pricing information.

197 4 WD Tractors Models

Mahindra Oja 3132-image

Mahindra Oja 3132

₹ 6.45 LakhEx-showroom Price
32 HP
hpForCard 950 Kg
Mahindra Oja 3136-image

Mahindra Oja 3136

₹ 6.98 LakhEx-showroom Price
36 HP
hpForCard 950 Kg
Mahindra Oja 2130-image

Mahindra Oja 2130

₹ 5.95 LakhEx-showroom Price
30 HP
hpForCard 950 Kg
Mahindra Oja 2127-image

Mahindra Oja 2127

₹ 5.65 LakhEx-showroom Price
27 HP
hpForCard 950 Kg
Mahindra Oja 2124-image

Mahindra Oja 2124

₹ 5.35 LakhEx-showroom Price
24 HP
hpForCard 950 Kg
Swaraj Target 630-image

Swaraj Target 630

₹ 5.35 LakhEx-showroom Price
29 HP
hpForCard 980 Kg



Other Tractor Options

New Holland Excel 4510 4WD-image

New Holland Excel 4510 4WD

Price Coming Soon
45 HP
HAV 50 S2 CNG Hybrid-image

HAV 50 S2 CNG Hybrid

Price Coming Soon
52 HP
hpForCard 1800 Kg
HAV 45 S1-image

HAV 45 S1

₹ 8.49 LakhEx-showroom Price
44 HP
hpForCard 1800 Kg

Compare Best 4WD Tractors

4 WD Tractors Key Highlights

PopularMahindra Arjun Novo 605 DI-i-4WD, New Holland 3630 TX Super Plus+ 4WD and New Holland Workmaster 105 (TREM-IV)
Recently LaunchedSwaraj 855 FE, Mahindra Oja 2121 and Sonalika Tiger DI 55 III
UpcomingSwaraj Target 625
Most ExpensiveNew Holland Workmaster 105 (TREM-IV)
Most AffordablePreet 26 4WD

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Upcoming 4 WD Tractors

Swaraj Target 625-image

Swaraj Target 625

Price Coming Soon



Frequently Asked Questions

A 4x4 tractor is a farm vehicle with power delivered to all four wheels for enhanced traction and stability.

4-wheeler tractors offer better traction, reduced soil compaction, and improved performance in challenging field conditions.

Four wheel drive tractors power all four wheels, while a 2WD tractor only powers the rear wheels, making 4x4 tractors more versatile in the tractor 2WD vs 4WD comparison.

4-wheel drive tractors excel in heavy-duty tasks like ploughing and tilling but may be optional for lighter operations.

4WD tractors can use various farming implements, including ploughs, cultivators, and seeders.

Generally, 4WD tractors consume more fuel due to the added power to all wheels, but it varies by model and usage, a consideration often debated in the context of 4WD vs 2WD tractors.

Most 4WD tractors have a lever or button to engage and disengage the 4WD system.

Farmtrac 6065, John Deere 5060 E, New Holland Excel 5510, Massey Ferguson 8055 Magnatrak, lies first in the list of the popular 4WD tractors in India.

Yes, 4WD tractors are suitable for road transport, offering stability and speed.

The differential lock prevents wheel slippage, providing better traction in challenging conditions.

Generally, 4WD tractor prices in India are more expensive due to their added features and capabilities.

Regular maintenance includes oil changes, filter replacements, and inspecting the 4WD system for wear.

There are full-time and part-time 4WD systems; full-time is always engaged, while part-time can be disengaged for standard operations.

On the CMV360 website, we have a list of the latest 4WD tractors to help you save time searching for the ideal tractor, along with their complete specifications and 4WD tractor prices.


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