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brand-ImageSonalika Tractors In India

Sonalika tractors price in India begins from Rs 2.65 Lakh to Rs 14.72 Lakh. Sonalika has introduced over 91 tractor models from 50 horsepower to 75 horsepower category. This tractor brand in India has launched mini tractors to heavy-duty tractor models for buyers. Some popular Sonalika tractors are Sonalika DI 35, Sonalika DI 60 and Sonalika Tiger 50.

Below we have shared the price list of Sonalika tractors you can buy this year.

Popular Sonalika Tractors Price List 2024

Tractor Models HP Category Price
Sonalika Tiger DI 75 75 HP 14.20 Lakh
Sonalika Worldtrac 90 Rx 90 HP 13.99 Lakh
Sonalika Sikander Wt 90 90 HP 13.80 Lakh
Sonalika Tiger DI 75 CRDS 2WD 75 HP 13.15 Lakh
Sonalika Tiger DI 65 65 HP 11.97 Lakh
Body Type

50 Sonalika Tractor Models

Sonalika DI 55 4WD CRDSDiesel

Sonalika DI 55 4WD CRDS

Price Coming Soon
55 HP
hpForCard 2200 Kg
Sonalika RX 47 4WDDiesel

Sonalika RX 47 4WD

Price Coming Soon
50 HP
hpForCard 2200 Kg
Sonalika Mahabali Rx 47 4WDDiesel

Sonalika Mahabali Rx 47 4WD

Price Coming Soon
50 HP
hpForCard 2200 Kg
Sonalika Maharaja DI 745 IIIDiesel

Sonalika Maharaja DI 745 III

₹ 6.96 LakhEx-showroom Price
50 HP
hpForCard 2000 Kg
Sonalika RX 745 III 4WDDiesel

Sonalika RX 745 III 4WD

Price Coming Soon
50 HP
hpForCard 2200 Kg
Sonalika DI 60 Sikander DLX TPDiesel

Sonalika DI 60 Sikander DLX TP

Price Coming Soon
60 HP
hpForCard 2200 Kg

Sonalika Tractor Options



Other Upcoming Tractors

Farmtrac 3600

Farmtrac 3600

₹ 7.06 Lakh
47 HP
hpForCard 1800 Kg
VST 4511 Pro 2WD

VST 4511 Pro 2WD

₹ 6.80 Lakh
45 HP
hpForCard 1800 Kg
Swaraj Target 625

Swaraj Target 625

₹ 5.05 Lakh
25 HP

Sonalika Tractor's Key Highlights

Models on Sale50
Most ExpensiveSonalika Worldtrac 90 Rx
Affordable ModelSonalika MM 18
Upcoming ModelsNo upcoming model available
Fuel TypeDiesel and Electric
No. Of Dealerships824

Sonalika Tractor Dealerships



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    Sonalika Tractor Latest Updates

    About Sonalika Tractor

    Sonalika Tractors, a renowned name in the agricultural machinery sector, stands tall as a leading manufacturer with a global presence spanning over 150 countries. Founded in 1995 by Mr. Lachman Dass Mittal, the company has gathered recognition, including the Global Agriculture Leadership and Innovative Leadership Award, showcasing its commitment to excellence.

    Headquarter in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, Sonalika's state-of-the-art manufacturing plant incorporates the latest technology and innovative design, ensuring that each tractor produced is not just a machine but a testament to reliability and performance. With an extensive product lineup boasting over 65+ models, including popular variants like the Sonalika Tiger and Sonalika Sikander DLX, the brand caters to a diverse range of farming needs.

    Ranked as the 5th largest tractor manufacturer globally, Sonalika specializes in a wide array of farm machinery, offering orchard and utility tractors for small-scale farming, heavy-duty models for challenging terrains, and eco-friendly electric tractors for sustainable operations. Their tagline, "sabse kam diesel me sabse zyada taqat aur raftaar," summarizes the robustness and efficiency of their offerings.

    In the Indian market, Sonalika Tractors holds the prestigious No. 3 position, a testament to its enduring legacy and unwavering commitment to innovation. With a diverse range of tractors catering to various horsepower requirements, ranging from 20 HP to 120 HP, Sonalika ensures that farmers of all kinds can find a reliable, inventive, and feature-rich solution within their budget.

    Pioneering the way forward, Sonalika Tractors continues to set industry benchmarks with its heavy-duty models known for their superior technology, fuel-efficient engines, and unmatched performance. From small-scale farmers to large agricultural enterprises, Sonalika's tractors are synonymous with advanced features and affordability, making them a preferred choice across the Indian subcontinent.

    With a relentless pursuit of excellence and a vision for a prosperous future, Sonalika Tractors remains at the forefront of agricultural mechanization, driving growth, and prosperity for farmers worldwide.

    Sonalika Tractor History (1996 - 2024)

    The roots of Sonalika Tractors trace back to 1969 when International Tractors Limited, the company behind the brand, was established by Lachhman Das Mittal. However, it wasn't until 1996 that Sonalika Tractors made its debut sale. The manufacturing of these tractors, originally designed by the Central Mechanical Engineering Research Institute (CMERI), began when International Tractors Limited was incorporated on October 17, 1987.

    In a significant move in 2000, Renault Agriculture, a French tractor manufacturer, acquired a 20% stake in the company, paving the way for a joint venture named Sonalika-Renault. This collaboration aimed to market Sonalika tractors globally, with Renault also bringing its expertise into the mix. Despite producing licensed Renault tractors, these were marketed under the 'Solis' brand internationally while retaining the 'Sonalika' branding in India. However, in 2005, Sonalika reacquired its stake from Renault following Renault Agriculture's acquisition by Germany's Claas Motors.

    October 2005 marked another milestone with Yanmar, a Japanese company, acquiring a 12% stake in Sonalika Tractors, strengthening its international ties. Fast forward to 2012, Blackstone Group acquired a 12.5% stake in the company, injecting significant capital and propelling Sonalika's market value to ₹4,200 crore. Over the years, Sonalika's market share steadily climbed, reaching 9.9% in 2013, aided by strategic launches like the Worldtrac 90 series.

    Further investment came in December 2016 when Yanmar increased its stake to 18%, consolidating its partnership with Sonalika. This move also coincided with the exit of Blackstone Group from the company. Expanding its global footprint, Sonalika established a joint venture with FAMAG in Algeria in October 2018, broadening its reach into new markets.

    Sonalika's commitment to innovation and quality became evident as it achieved various milestones. In 2013, it recorded 50,000 tractor sales and emerged as India's third-largest tractor manufacturer by 2014. The introduction of the Worldtrac 60, India's first 24-speed tractor, further secured its position as a pioneer in the industry.

    In 2017, Sonalika began its integrated manufacturing plant in Hoshiarpur, India, announcing a new era of advanced production capabilities. The company's dedication to research and development led to the establishment of a high-end R&D unit in Delhi NCR in 2018.

    By 2021, Sonalika had become India's leading tractor exporter, bolstered by record-breaking export sales of 35,000 tractors in 2022. Its annual sales continued to soar, reaching 1,51,160 tractors in FY’23. Today, Sonalika holds a commanding 28.2% market share in India and is the top tractor export brand, with a global presence spanning 150 countries.

    Driven by a farmer-centric approach, Sonalika continuously innovates to meet the diverse needs of farmers worldwide. With over 1,000 channel partners and 15,000+ retail points, it remains accessible to farmers, delivering over 1,000 tractor variants and 70+ implements tailored to regional agricultural needs. As a result, Sonalika has served over 15 lakh customers, solidifying its position as a global leader in the tractor industry.

    Why Sonalika Tractor?

    Being experts in farm mechanisation, Sonalika consistently places farmers at the forefront of all their developments, whether it's introducing new products or services, ensuring their journey towards a prosperous future remains uninterrupted. Explore how Sonalika tractors empower farmers with their efficient and dependable performance, showcasing innovative features and invaluable benefits.

    • Sonalika, as a pioneer in farm mechanisation, prioritises farmers in every aspect of development, ensuring their journey toward prosperity remains uninterrupted.
    • The brand holds a prominent position in the tractor segment, particularly excelling in models exceeding 50 HP, and has solidified its presence in the over 40 HP category, attaining leadership in the industry.
    • Sonalika's foray into Custom Hiring Centres provides small and marginal farmers access to advanced agricultural machinery on a rental basis, aiming to boost farm output cost-effectively and enhance overall agricultural productivity.
    • The introduction of the 'Agro Solutions' app alongside new tractor models simplifies the rental process for farmers, promoting widespread adoption of mechanised farming practices across the country.
    • Sonalika tractors offer a diverse range of heavy-duty implements tailored to address various stages of the crop cycle, from land preparation to post-harvest activities, including efficient crop residue management.
    • Equipped with highly efficient HDM engines, Sonalika tractor models deliver superior power output at an affordable cost, requiring minimal maintenance, thereby ensuring a better total cost of ownership and enhancing the overall farming experience for agriculturalists.

    Sonalika tractors, leading the charge in farm mechanisation, empower farmers with efficient performance and innovative features, driving agricultural progress worldwide. With a steadfast commitment to farmer-centric innovation, Sonalika continues to redefine excellence in the tractor industry, ensuring a prosperous future for farmers globally.

    Sonalika Tractor Key Features

    Sonalika Tractors excels in agricultural machinery with powerful engines, advanced transmission options, and precision farming technologies. Prioritizing operator comfort and safety, they offer versatile models with high lifting capacities and fuel efficiency. Enhanced by reliable braking and steering systems, Sonalika tractors combine innovation with efficiency to meet the diverse needs of farmers, ensuring productivity and profitability in the agricultural sector.

    To know more about the features of Sonalika tractors check below:

    • Powerful Engines: Robust engines ensure superior performance with excellent torque and power for diverse farming tasks.
    • Advanced Transmission Systems: Options include manual, synchromesh, and hydrostatic transmissions for smooth gear shifting and efficient power transfer.
    • Precision Farming Technologies: Integration of GPS guidance and automatic depth control optimizes input usage and boosts crop yields.
    • Ergonomic Design: Spacious cabins, adjustable seats, ergonomic controls, and excellent visibility prioritize operator comfort and productivity while reducing fatigue.
    • Versatility: A wide range of models with varying horsepower options cater to diverse farming needs, ensuring adaptability.
    • Hydraulic System: Advanced hydraulics provide precise control over implements, enhancing operational efficiency.
    • Braking System: Reliable braking systems like oil-immersed brakes (OIB) or dry disc brakes enhance safety and control.
    • Steering Options: Mechanical and power steering options offer flexibility for farmers to choose according to their preferences.
    • Lifting Capacity: High lifting capacities ranging from 1,600 kg to 2,000 kg enable the handling of various implements and attachments.
    • Fuel Efficiency: Designed to be fuel-efficient, reducing operating costs and increasing profitability.

    Sonalika Tractor's Latest Updates

    Sonalika Tractors stands as a leader in the tractor market, renowned for its advanced and sleek designs. With models ranging from 11.1 HP to 120 HP, meticulously crafted to meet the diverse needs of farmers, Sonalika dominates both in performance and style. Offering competitive pricing from Rs 2.65 Lakh to Rs 17.10 Lakh, Sonalika tractors remain available to the average Indian farmer, despite the regional price fluctuations due to factors like state taxes and RTO charges. Additionally, Sonalika International Tractors Ltd. recently hosted the Global Partners Summit (GPS) 200, which saw the participation of over 200 channel partners from across the globe. During this event, the company unveiled five new tractor series designed to comply with stringent international emission standards, reinforcing its commitment to innovation and sustainability in the global market.

    Sonalika Tractor Prices in India 2024

    In 2024, Sonalika tractors offer a price range starting at Rs. 2.75 lakh and reaching up to 17.10 Lakh (Ex-showroom price) in India. This range caters to various budgets, making Sonalika tractors accessible to a wide range of Indian farmers. The lineup includes tractors suitable for cultivation, plowing, disc harrowing, and potato planting, showcasing both versatility and affordability.
    Sonalika tractor models and their respective price brackets:

    Sonalika Tractor Model


    Price Range (Ex-showroom)

    Sonalika DI 35


    ₹ 5.28 - 5.59 Lakh

    Sonalika MM 18


    ₹ 2.65 - 2.86 Lakh

    Sonalika DI 734


    ₹ 5.07 - 5.33 Lakh

    Sonalika DI 750 III


    ₹ 7.32 - 7.79 Lakh

    Sonalika DI 745 III


    ₹ 6.96 - 7.38 Lakh

    Additionally, the broader range of Sonalika tractors spans from 11.1 HP to 120 HP, ensuring there's a suitable option for every farming need. These prices are exclusive of state taxes and RTO charges, which may affect the on-road price of the tractors. Overall, Sonalika continues to offer competitive pricing, making quality agricultural machinery accessible to Indian farmers.

    Sonalika Tractor Dealers

    Sonalika, a leading global tractor brand, boasts a robust presence in India with 950 certified dealers and 15,000 retail points nationwide, ensuring a seamless buying experience. With dealerships spanning key locations like Ahmedabad, Rae Bareli, Belgaum, Nasik, and Alwar, Sonalika offers extensive services to farmers.
    Our platform provides a comprehensive list of Sonalika tractor dealers across India, facilitating easy access to information on all new models.

    Sonalika Tractor Service Centers

    Sonalika offers 1000+ service centers, and CMV360 aids in locating nearby ones. It provides 6 tractor series catering to farmer’s needs.

    Sonalika Tractor India’s Toll Free Number

    Sonalika Tractors toll-free number is 1800 102 1011.

    Sonalika Tractor Series

    Sonalika understands the unique demands of farmers and addresses them with its six tractor series: Tiger, Sikander, Mahabali, Garden Track, Baagban, and Mileage Master. Each series is carefully designed to excel in its respective domain, whether it's rugged terrain, heavy-duty tasks, or precision farming.
    From the robust Tiger series ideal for rough terrains to the versatile Garden Track series suitable for orchards and vineyards, Sonalika ensures that every farmer finds the perfect match for their specific needs. With a focus on providing high mileage, superior power, and increased productivity, Sonalika continues to lead the way in delivering reliable and efficient agricultural solutions to farmers across India.
    Explore customer reviews, ratings, and informative videos on the CMV360 YouTube channel for additional insights.

    Sonalika Tiger Tractor Series

    Discover farming excellence with Sonalika's Tiger tractor series, blending robust power with sleek European design for unparalleled performance and innovation. With engine power options ranging from 15 HP to 75 HP, these tractors cater to diverse farm needs. Prices start from Rs. 5.17 Lakh, making them budget-friendly. Advanced features like the Sonalika Sky Smart mobile app allow remote monitoring of tractor health, streamlining farm management. Popular models such as the Sonalika Tiger 47 and Tiger 50 offer versatile load-lifting capacities from 500 kg to 2200 kg, ensuring efficiency for any farm task. Embrace the future of farming with Sonalika Tiger, where power meets innovation.

    Sonalika Sikander Tractor Series

    Sonalika's Sikander tractor series meets modern agricultural demands with cutting-edge machinery, featuring powerful engines and advanced technologies for heightened efficiency and productivity. Operator comfort is paramount, with ergonomic design elements ensuring fatigue-free operation during extended use. These tractors excel in both farming and heavy-duty hauling tasks, seamlessly integrating with various implements for versatile performance. Available in engine power capacities from 39 HP to 60 HP, they cater to diverse farmer needs. Top models like the SIKANDER DI 750 III and Sikander RX 35 offer impressive lifting capacities, handling heavy loads effortlessly. Despite their advanced features, Sonalika Sikander tractors maintain competitive pricing, ensuring accessibility for farmers without compromising quality.

    Sonalika Mahabali Tractor Series

    Sonalika's Mahabali tractor series pioneers India's puddling-special segment, highly favored in Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Telangana. These tractors boast advanced features, excelling in timely and efficient puddling tasks, earning the Mahabali title.

    Each Mahabali tractor is meticulously designed with 10 forward and 5 reverse gears, spacious cabins, compact dimensions, appealing aesthetics, and advanced technologies for seamless attachment handling. Popular models like Mahabali Rx 47 4WD and Mahabali Rx 42 offer engine power capacities from 42 HP to 50 HP, with load-lifting capabilities ranging from 1800 Kg to 2200 Kg, catering to diverse agricultural needs.

    Priced between 6 to 8 lakhs, the Mahabali series offers excellent value for its performance and features.

    Sonalika Garden-Track Tractor Series

    The Sonalika Gardentrack tractor series stands out with its top-tier compact tractors, equipped with cutting-edge technology to ensure optimal efficiency in farming operations. These tractors are versatile, suitable for a variety of farming tasks, boasting 10 innovative features such as robust lifting capacity, fuel efficiency, and sleek design.

    Popular models in the Garden Track Tractor Series include the Sonalika GT 20, GT 22, and GT 26, renowned for their reliability and advanced technology. With engine power capacities ranging from 20 HP to 28 HP, these models cater to diverse agricultural needs.

    Priced between Rs. 3.20 lakh to Rs. 4.6 lakh, the Sonalika Gardentrack Tractor Series offers excellent value for money, making it easily accessible to buyers in India while delivering exceptional performance and features.

    Sonalika Baagban Tractor Series

    The Sonalika Baagban tractor series earns farmers' trust with its advanced features, solidifying its place as a favorite among agricultural communities. Tailored for heavy-duty tasks, it's a recent but valued addition to Sonalika's lineup.

    The series includes two models: Sonalika DI 30 Baagban and DI 32 Baagban, offering power capacities from 30 HP to 32 HP with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. Their robust mechanical steering ensures precise control, complemented by dry and oil-immersed brakes, capable of lifting 1336 kg loads.

    Priced between 4.33 Lakhs and 5.60 Lakhs, Sonalika Baagban tractors deliver exceptional performance, ideal for varied agricultural operations like cultivation, harvesting, and planting.

    Sonalika Mileage-Master Tractor Series

    Sonalika's Mileage Master tractor series revolutionizes power and fuel efficiency in agriculture. Engineered with model capacities from 15 HP to 60 HP, these tractors epitomize durability, reliability, and adaptability for various farming tasks, from paddy cultivation to harvesting.

    With advanced technology, Sonalika Mileage Master tractors lead in fuel economy, boasting impressive mileage performance. Featuring robust 4-stroke engines, efficient braking systems, heavy-duty hydraulics, and other innovative features, they maximize productivity.

    The popular Sonalika MM 18 model offers a lifting capacity of 750 kg to 1000 kg, catering to diverse agricultural needs. Priced between Rs. 2.50 lakhs to 6.5 lakhs, Sonalika Mileage Master tractors offer cost-effective high performance and efficiency for farmers.

    Best Sonalika Mini Tractors

    In India, Sonalika offers a range of popular mini tractors. The Sonalika Tiger Electric, a 15 HP electric tractor priced between Rs 5.91-6.22 Lac. Among these, the Sonalika GT 20 stands out as a favorite, boasting 20 HP and renowned for its fuel efficiency and engine reliability. With prices ranging from Rs. 3.28 lakh to Rs. 3.60 lakh, it's a compelling choice for farmers looking for quality and affordability.

    Best Sonalika 2WD Tractors

    The Sonalika DI 35, a robust 39 HP-powered tractor, poses a tough challenge to competitors, reflecting Sonalika's reputation for manufacturing certified, high-quality machines. Notable for its striking design and unique structure, the Sonalika DI 35 2WD stands out as a top-tier tractor in its segment, priced between Rs 5.28 to Rs 5.59 Lakhs.
    Sonalika understands farmer’s needs, which is noticeable in its range of 2WD tractors. These lightweight, cost-effective machines utilize 45-50% of the engine capacity, offering power within the 4-150 kW range.
    With small turning radii for easy handling, Sonalika 2WD tractors support various farming implements like cultivators and seeders. Models like the DI 35 and MM 18 incorporates Sonalika's attractive, user-friendly tractor designs. Additionally, Sonalika offers warranties ranging from one to six years on all 2WD tractor models.

    Best Sonalika 4WD Tractors

    Sonalika's leading 4WD tractors in India, such as the Sonalika Tiger 55 and the innovative Sonalika Tiger Electric, embody the brand's commitment to advanced agricultural technology. These tractors utilize 4-wheel drive technology, ensuring superior stability and balance by distributing weight across all four wheels.
    Sonalika's 4WD tractors excel in carrying heavy loads with ease, boasting enhanced traction and a strong grip. With transmission supply to the rear wheels, they offer exceptional versatility, supporting a wide range of implements including harvesters and planters. Sonalika's 4WD tractor ranges empower farmers with advanced hydraulic technology, enhancing productivity and efficiency in agricultural operations.
    Crafted with premium-grade steel and durable tires, Sonalika's 4x4 tractors are built to last, offering reliability and longevity. Popular models like the Sonalika Tiger DI 75 and Sonalika Tiger DI 30 4WD exemplify the brand's dedication to quality and performance.
    Backed by warranties ranging from two years or 2000 hours to six years, Sonalika 4WD tractors provide farmers with peace of mind and assurance in their investment.

    Best Sonalika tractors by HP Range

    Sonalika offers a diverse range of tractors catering to various horsepower (HP) requirements for farming needs.

    Sonalika Tractors under 20 HP

    Models like the Sonalika MM 18 and Sonalika GT 20 offer compact structures and budget-friendly features. The Sonalika GT 20 Rx mini tractor, with a lifting capacity of 800 kg and a fuel tank capacity of 31.5 liters, stands out in this category.

    Sonalika Tractors under 30 HP

    Tractors like the Sonalika GT 26, with a 26 HP engine, demonstrate durability and productivity. With a fuel tank capacity of 30 liters and a lifting capacity of 850 kgs, they offer economical solutions.

    Sonalika Tractors under 60 HP

    Models like Sonalika DI 750 III are known for their performance and mileage. They facilitate farming on rugged fields with ease.

    Sonalika Tractors under 70 HP

    Tractors like Sonalika Tiger DI 65 boast advanced technology and an incredible lifting capacity of 2200 kg. Priced at ₹ 11.97 - 13.36 Lakh, they support efficient farming operations.

    Sonalika Tractors under 80 HP

    High-performance models like Sonalika Tiger DI 75, with 12 F + 12 R gears and a lifting capacity of 2200 kg, simplify farming activities. Priced between ₹ 14.20 - 14.72 Lakh, they ensure efficient farming.

    Sonalika Tractor FAQs

    The domestic sales of tractors in India have doubled in a couple of years, and Sonalika has risen as one of the best tractor brands in India. Seeing such positive growth, Sonalika has already introduced over 91 tractors and is willing to introduce 0 upcoming tractors too.

    Sonalika is known for its rough & tough, and reliable tractors in India. Its tractors can function well on the field and on the road applications. If we talk about Sonalika's most popular tractor in India, it's the Sonalika DI 35.

    If you want to get the latest price details for Sonalika tractors for 2024, CMV360 will be a good platform. Here we aim to keep you updated with the latest tractor price in India, along with their key specifications and finance facility.

    Sonalika tractors are available in 50 HP to 75 HP.

    Sonalika is a top tractor brand in India and offers a wide portfolio under diverse horsepower categories. The price range of Sonalika tractors varies from ₹ 2.65 Lakh to ₹ 14.72 Lakh.

    Sonalika has recently launched Sonalika DI 55 4WD CRDS in the Indian market. This tractor model has an engine capacity of 4712 cc and a lifting capacity of 2200 Kg.

    Sonalika has launched many mini tractors in India with reliable engines and compact dimensions. Some of the popular Sonalika mini tractors in India are the Sonalika GT 20, Sonalika GT 22 and Sonalika GT 26.

    Sonalika is known for top-notch tractor models that meet modern emission norms, provide high power, and good mileage. This tractor brand is planning to launch about 0 upcoming tractors within 2024.

    Most 2WD tractors come within budget and offer superior performance on the dry field and flat roads. If you are looking for the best 2WD Sonalika tractors in India, you can buy NA.

    Sonalika tractors are known for their sturdy build and robust engine technology, and Sonalika’s tractor models can lift up to 2500 Kg of farm equipment.
    Sonalika Tractor ModelsHP CategoryLifting CapacityPrice
    Sonalika DI 3539 HP1600 Kg5.28 Lakh
    Sonalika DI 47 Rx50 HP1600 Kg6.80 Lakh
    Sonalika DI 740 III44 HP1600 Kg6.33 Lakh
    Sonalika DI 745 III50 HP1600 Kg6.96 Lakh
    Sonalika Tiger Electric15 HP500 Kg5.91 Lakh

    The monthly EMI for a Sonalika tractor depends upon the model of the tractor. At CMV360 check the EMI amount for a specific Sonalika tractor and model.

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