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Electric Tractors in India

Electric tractors are gaining popularity in India due to their eco-friendly nature and cost-effective operation. At CMV360, we provide a comprehensive listing of electric tractor models, allowing you to explore a wide range of options. From affordable choices to premium models, our listings cover various price points. Discover the latest electric tractor models, compare their features, and make an informed decision. With our detailed specifications, images, and customer reviews, you can find the perfect electric tractor that suits your needs. Experience the future of sustainable transportation with electric tractors from CMV360.

Electric Tractors Price List in India 2024

Pricing is crucial, so we offer a comprehensive electric tractor price list for the year 2024 in India. We ensuring you have all the information you need to choose the right electric tractor. You'll also find technical specifications for each feature of the tractor, providing you with a well-rounded view of these charging tractors.

Electric Tractors Electric Tractors HP Electric Tractors Price
Autonxt X20H4 20 Price Coming Soon
Autonxt X35H2 27 Price Coming Soon
Autonxt X45H2 43 Price Coming Soon
Autonxt X20H4

Autonxt X20H4

Price Coming Soon
20 HP
hpForCard 750 Kg
Autonxt X35H2

Autonxt X35H2

Price Coming Soon
27 HP
hpForCard 1400 Kg
Autonxt X45H2

Autonxt X45H2

Price Coming Soon
43 HP
hpForCard 1800 Kg

Upcoming Tractors

Farmtrac 3600

Farmtrac 3600

Price Coming Soon
VST 4511 Pro 2WD

VST 4511 Pro 2WD

Price Coming Soon

Latest News, Reviews and Advice from our Experts

Electric tractors in India

CMV360 is here to assist you on your journey to purchasing an electric tractor, providing clear and concise information along with well-displayed images of the electric tractors. Browse through our listings and make the switch to eco-friendly farming.

The price of electric tractors in India starts at an enticing Rs. 5.91 Lakh, making them easily accessible to several farmers. The cost-effectiveness goes beyond the initial purchase, with lower maintenance and operating costs, ensuring long-term savings.

Reputable brands like Autonxt, Sonalika, and others have introduced various models of electric tractors to cater to diverse farming needs. The popular choices include Autonxt X20H4, Autonxt X35H2 and Autonxt X45H2, offering a wide range of options to meet different farm sizes and requirements.

Switch to a Sustainable Farming with Electric Tractors in India

Electric tractors in India represent not only a technological advancement but also a significant step towards sustainable and eco-conscious farming practices. These modern battery-operated tractors, equipped with advanced electric vehicle (EV) technology, are transforming agriculture in the country. Let's delve into the list of electric tractors, exploring their advantages, challenges, government initiatives, popular models available on CMV360, pricing, and their role in transforming Indian agriculture.

How Electric Tractors (battery wala tractor) Operate?

Electric tractors operate using electrical power instead of traditional fuel sources. To function, they need a charging station or access to the farm's electricity supply. Some forward-thinking farmers even employ solar power to charge their tractors, tapping into clean and renewable energy sources. The electric motor, fueled by the tractor's battery, propels the wheels through gears and axles, ensuring that these tractors are highly efficient in power generation and consumption.

Advantages of Electric Tractors

Electric tractors offer several compelling advantages over their diesel counterparts, making them a practical choice for Indian farmers:

  • Eco-Friendly: With significantly reduced carbon emissions, electric tractors promote environmental sustainability and help battle climate change. Choosing charging tractors from CMV360 is a step towards a greener planet. Lower Emissions: Electric tractors produce up to 80% fewer carbon
  • Lower Emissions: Electric tractors produce up to 80% fewer carbon emissions than traditional diesel tractors, making them a low-emission alternative. This not only benefits the environment but also contributes to a healthier workplace for farm labourers.
  • Affordable Pricing: Electric tractors in India are budget-friendly, representing a sound investment for farmers. On CMV360, you can find competitive pricing and various financing options to make your purchase more accessible.
  • Minimal Maintenance: The absence of complex engine components and engine oil reduces maintenance costs. This translates to fewer downtime and lower upkeep expenses for farmers, increasing the overall cost-effectiveness of electric tractors.
  • Renewable Energy Integration: Electric tractors can be charged using renewable energy sources, reducing carbon emissions and ensuring a clean energy supply. This is a particularly attractive option for farmers looking to reduce carbon footprint and energy costs.
  • Reduced Noise Pollution: Electric tractors operate quietly, contributing to noise pollution reduction in farming communities. This not only benefits the working environment but also enhances the quality of life for rural communities.
  • Increased Efficiency: Electric tractors provide consistent power without needing idling or warm-up time, making them highly efficient in energy usage and productivity. This means you can finish more work in less time, improving overall farm efficiency.

Popular Electric Tractors in India

CMV360 offers various electric tractor models for different farming needs. Some of the top electric tractor models available on the platform include:

  • Autonxt X20H4- A mini tractor with a 20 HP engine & a lifting capacity of 750 kg, providing excellent versatility for various farming needs.
  • Autonxt X35H2- This 4-wheel drive tractor features a 27 HP engine and a lifting capacity of 1400 kg, making it a versatile choice for various farming tasks.
  • Autonxt X45H2- A 2WD tractor with a 43 HP engine and a lifting capacity of 1800 kg, ideal for smaller to medium-sized farms.
  • undefined undefined- A compact undefined HP mini tractor with a lifting capacity of undefined kg, perfect for smaller farms and specialized tasks.

Government Policies and Programs for Electric Tractors in India

Several initiatives have been introduced by the Indian government to encourage the adoption of electric tractors in the nation as part of its efforts to mainstream these vehicles. For example:

  • The government's flagship initiative, the FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid and Electric Vehicles) scheme, provides financial aid to producers and consumers of electric vehicles. Because of this, these tractors are now more affordable.
  • In India, the cost of an electric tractor has decreased due to the reduction of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) from 5% to 12%.
  • Incentives for automakers, battery producers, and related businesses to encourage the production of EV tractors in India.

Electric Tractor Price in India 2023

The pricing of electric tractors on CMV360 varies, with models starting from Rs. 5.91 Lakh. These competitive prices make electric tractors accessible to many Indian farmers. For those with budget constraints, CMV360 offers various financing options like tractor loan emi making it easier for the buyer to invest in these eco-friendly machines. You can explore the website to find the model that fits your budget and requirements.

Why Choose CMV360 for Electric Tractors in India?

As we navigate the challenges and opportunities of the electric tractor market, it's clear that these eco-friendly machines offer a brighter and more sustainable future for Indian farmers. CMV360, represents a significant step forward in sustainable and environmentally conscious farming practices and can be your go-to online platform for all things related to electric tractors in India. The platform provides detailed information about various electric tractor brands, including pricing, model options, and Calculate loan EMI.

Go through the website to learn more about upcoming electric tractor in India or the top electric tractor brands, such as Autonxt, Sonalika, and many more. Hence, By choosing an electric tractor from CMV360, you are not only investing in the future of your farm but also contributing to a greener and healthier planet. CMV360 not only offers a selection but also ensures that you can make a right choice regarding your farming equipment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Electric tractor prices in India start from around Rs 5.91 Lakh and can increase depending on the model and features.

It typically takes up to 4 hours to fully charge an electric tractor, but this may vary based on the model.

Electric tractors in India are available in various HP ranges, from 20 HP to 43 HP.

Yes, there are battery-operated tractors in India, also known as electric tractors. which includes various models and brands like Autonxt X20H4, Autonxt X35H2 and Autonxt X45H2

The Sonalika Tiger Electric is the most popular electric tractor model in India known for its efficiency and eco-friendly operation.

There are several brands of electric tractors available in India, such as Autonxt, Sonalika and more.

Autonxt X20H4, Autonxt X35H2 and Autonxt X45H2 etc are fully electric tractors in India.

Battery-powered tractors like Sonalika Tiger Electric offer a Upto 8 Hours km driving range.

Tractor battery prices vary based on capacity and brand, but they are generally included in the purchase price of electric tractors.


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