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Tractors in 2024

Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 DI-i-4WD-image

Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 DI-i-4WD

₹ 9.95 LakhEx-showroom Price
56 HP
hpForCard 2200 Kg
Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT-image

Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT

₹ 3.20 LakhEx-showroom Price
15 HP
hpForCard 778 Kg
Swaraj 744 FE-image

Swaraj 744 FE

₹ 6.90 LakhEx-showroom Price
48 HP
hpForCard 2000 Kg
Swaraj 717-image

Swaraj 717

₹ 3.20 LakhEx-showroom Price
15 HP
hpForCard 780 Kg
New Holland 3630 TX Super Plus+-image

New Holland 3630 TX Super Plus+

₹ 7.68 LakhEx-showroom Price
49.5 HP
hpForCard 1700-2000 Kg
John Deere 5075E AC Cab-image

John Deere 5075E AC Cab

₹ 21.90 LakhEx-showroom Price
74 HP
hpForCard 2000 Kg

Popular Tractors by types

Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT-image

Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT

₹ 3.20 LakhEx-showroom Price
15 HP
hpForCard 778 Kg
Swaraj 717-image

Swaraj 717

₹ 3.20 LakhEx-showroom Price
15 HP
hpForCard 780 Kg
Eicher 188-image

Eicher 188

₹ 3.20 LakhEx-showroom Price
18 HP
hpForCard 700 Kg
Kubota NeoStar B2741S-image

Kubota NeoStar B2741S

₹ 6.27 LakhEx-showroom Price
27 HP
hpForCard 750 Kg
Swaraj 724 XM ORCHARD-image

Swaraj 724 XM ORCHARD

₹ 4.70 LakhEx-showroom Price
25 HP
hpForCard 1000 Kg
Mahindra Oja 2124-image

Mahindra Oja 2124

₹ 5.35 LakhEx-showroom Price
24 HP
hpForCard 950 Kg

Tractors by Budget

Eicher 312-image

Eicher 312

₹ 4.80 LakhEx-showroom Price
30 HP
hpForCard 1200 Kg
Trakstar 531-image

Trakstar 531

₹ 4.90 LakhEx-showroom Price
31 HP
hpForCard 1400 Kg
Captain 280-image

Captain 280

₹ 4.98 LakhEx-showroom Price
28 HP
hpForCard 750 Kg

Tractors By HP

Swaraj Code-image

Swaraj Code

₹ 2.45 LakhEx-showroom Price
11 HP
hpForCard 220 Kg
Captain 200 DI-image

Captain 200 DI

₹ 3.13 LakhEx-showroom Price
20 HP
hpForCard 600 Kg
Swaraj 717-image

Swaraj 717

₹ 3.20 LakhEx-showroom Price
15 HP
hpForCard 780 Kg
Sonalika GT 20-image

Sonalika GT 20

₹ 3.28 LakhEx-showroom Price
20 HP
hpForCard 650 Kg
Eicher 188 4WD-image

Eicher 188 4WD

₹ 3.30 LakhEx-showroom Price
18 HP
hpForCard 700 Kg
Massey Ferguson 5118-image

Massey Ferguson 5118

₹ 3.47 LakhEx-showroom Price
18 HP
hpForCard 750 Kg

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खरीदने से पहले जानें: सही आर्टिकल्स न्यूज़, रैंकिंग और यूजर रिव्यूज।


अपनी खरीदारी को जानें: मासिक ईएमआई,एक्स-शोरूम कीमत और भविष्य में अपकमिंग ट्रैक्टरों की गणना करने के लिए टूल।


जानिए कहां से खरीदें: डीलर लोकेशन और आपकी खरीद के लिए सभी जानकारी।

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At CMV360, you will find a plethora of options in the tractors segment. On a single platform, you can find all prominent manufacturers like Mahindra, Swaraj, Eicher, Sonalika, New Holland, Massey Ferguson, John Deere, Powertrac, Farmtrac, Kubota, and many more. All of the tractor categorizations that we have done are listed below.

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New Tractors

This section will provide you with an overview of the most recent Tractors, popular tractors, a comparison of tractors, upcoming tractors, new tractors dealers and Recently Launched Tractors. Find New Tractors: In this section, you will be able to find tractors based on the filters you select using our Filtering Tool. Filters such as brand, budget, and body type are available in our filtering tool. You can combine these filters to get the best results and the tractors of your choice.

Popular Tractors

The subsection focuses on the most popular tractors currently on the market in India. This gives you an indication of what the Indian population is buying because we only included tractors that are selling in large numbers in India.

Latest Launched Tractors

This is a category for tractors that have recently been released. This section allows you to look at the most recently announced tractors and compare prices and specifications.

Upcoming Tractors

The forthcoming tractors section is intended to keep track of your favorite tractors that have not yet been released. This section assists you in being awake and keeping an eye on your favorite future tractor so that you may purchase it at the perfect time.

Electric Tractors

The electric tractor category allows you keep a check on everything related to electric tractors.

Compare New Tractors

We have a really useful feature that allows you to compare tractors. You can evaluate four tractors at once, comparing their detailed specifications and choose the ideal one for yourself.

New Tractor Showrooms

This section assists you in locating dealers in your area. When you’ve chosen the brand and tractor, this tool will assist you locate the nearest dealer near you where you may test drive and eventually purchase the tractor of your dreams.

All Tractor Brands

All Tractor Brands offers a catalog of every tractor brand available in India. The extensive brand catalogue guides you through every model a tractor company has, and you can learn everything you need to know about the brand and its succeeding tractors in this section.

Tractor Loan

The eligibility criteria for a tractor loan may vary depending on the lender, but typically, the borrower will be required to provide proof of identity, proof of income, and proof of residence. Apply for loan conveniently through CMV360 and we’ll help you end-to-end to get the tractor loan disbursed to your doorstep.

We understand the needs of your business. To meet your requirements, we provide information about the top commercial vehicles accessible in India. Our devoted team of professionals does considerable research to present you with the best and most authentic Tractor services under one roof. You will find a user-friendly interface to buy Tractor online and locate the Tractor model closest to you. You may find information on certified Tractor dealers, Tractor spare parts dealers, and authorized Tractor service centers on this page. You can also acquire the contact information for the best Tractor body-builders in your city, state, or across India. We interact with vehicle manufacturers and their dealer partners in a variety of ways beyond from providing valuable content.

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