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brand-ImageMahindra Tractors In India

Mahindra tractors price in India begins from Rs 3.10 Lakh to Rs 14.75 Lakh. Mahindra has introduced over 80 tractor models from 36 horsepower to 74 horsepower category. This tractor brand in India has launched mini tractors to heavy-duty tractor models for buyers. Some popular Mahindra tractors are Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 DI-i-4WD, Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT and Mahindra 305 Orchard.

Below we have shared the price list of Mahindra tractors you can buy this year.

Popular Mahindra Tractors Price List 2024

Tractor Models HP Category Price
Mahindra NOVO 755 DI PP 4WD V1 74 HP 14.15 Lakh
Mahindra NOVO 655 DI PP 4WD V1 68 HP 13.15 Lakh
Mahindra Novo Arjun 755 DI 74 HP 12.45 Lakh
Mahindra NOVO 605 DI 4WD V1 55 HP 11.65 Lakh
Mahindra NOVO 655 DI PP V1 68 HP 11.65 Lakh
Body Type

77 Mahindra Tractor Models

Mahindra Arjun 605 DI MS V1Diesel

Mahindra Arjun 605 DI MS V1

Price Coming Soon
49 HP
hpForCard 2200 Kg
Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT NTDiesel

Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT NT

₹ 3.10 LakhEx-showroom Price
15 HP
hpForCard 778 Kg
Mahindra JIVO 225 DI 4WD NTDiesel

Mahindra JIVO 225 DI 4WD NT

₹ 4.60 LakhEx-showroom Price
20 HP
hpForCard 750 Kg
Mahindra NOVO 755 DI PP 4WD V1Diesel

Mahindra NOVO 755 DI PP 4WD V1

₹ 14.15 LakhEx-showroom Price
74 HP
hpForCard 2900 Kg
Mahindra NOVO 655 DI PP 4WD V1Diesel

Mahindra NOVO 655 DI PP 4WD V1

₹ 13.15 LakhEx-showroom Price
68 HP
hpForCard 2700 Kg
Mahindra NOVO 655 DI PP V1Diesel

Mahindra NOVO 655 DI PP V1

₹ 11.65 LakhEx-showroom Price
68 HP
hpForCard 2700 Kg

Mahindra Tractor Options



Other Upcoming Tractors

Farmtrac 3600

Farmtrac 3600

₹ 7.06 Lakh
47 HP
hpForCard 1800 Kg
VST 4511 Pro 2WD

VST 4511 Pro 2WD

₹ 6.80 Lakh
45 HP
hpForCard 1800 Kg
Swaraj Target 625

Swaraj Target 625

₹ 5.05 Lakh
25 HP

Mahindra Tractor Key Highlights

Models on Sale77
Most ExpensiveMahindra NOVO 755 DI PP 4WD V1
Affordable ModelMahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT NT
Upcoming ModelsNo upcoming model available
Fuel TypeDiesel
No. Of Dealerships1013

Mahindra Tractor Dealerships



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Mahindra Tractor Latest Updates

About Mahindra Tractor

Mahindra tractors are renowned for their versatility and innovation, offering a wide range of models customized to various farming needs. With various horsepower (HP) ranges and series, Mahindra stands out as a leader in the agricultural industry, providing farmers with a comprehensive array of options to enhance productivity.

These tractors boast advanced features designed to optimize performance and efficiency on the farm. From fuel-saving technology to robust engines and sophisticated gearboxes, Mahindra ensures that its tractors are equipped to handle the rigors of modern agriculture while improving overall efficiency.

One of Mahindra's key strengths lies in its ability to cater to different farm sizes and tasks through its HP options ranging from 15 HP to 74 HP. Whether it's a mini tractor or compact tractor for small plots or a heavy-duty model for large-scale operations they come in  2 WD and 4 WD variants, Mahindra offers solutions to suit every requirement. Pricing varies accordingly, ensuring accessibility across different budget levels.

Mahindra's commitment to quality is underscored by prestigious awards such as the Deming Award and the Japanese Quality Medal. Trusted by farmers worldwide, Mahindra tractors have earned a reputation for reliability and durability, making them a preferred choice in over 40+ countries.

Furthermore, Mahindra tractors are designed to excel in various agricultural settings, including vineyards and challenging terrains. Their ability to handle diverse environments with ease instills confidence among farmers, enabling them to tackle tasks with assurance.

Mahindra Tractors History (1945 - 2024)

Established as a steel trading company in Ludhiana on October 2nd, 1945, Mahindra Tractor, originally known as Mahindra & Muhammed, which was later changed to Mahindra & Mahindra. The pioneering efforts of founders J. C. Mahindra, K. C. Mahindra, and Malik Ghulam Muhammad propelled the company's expansion to 40 countries by 1948. Mahindra Tractors evolved as a core of the Farm Division within Mahindra’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES), a flagship unit of the $19.4 billion Mahindra Group.

In 1962, Mahindra introduced its first practical tractor, the B-275, tailored for rugged Indian terrains, achieving remarkable success with over 85,000 units sold by 1963. By 1983, Mahindra emerged as a top player in India's tractor industry, dominating most states. Strategic acquisitions further strengthened Mahindra's position, including the acquisition of Gujarat Tractors in 1999 from the Gujrat government and a majority stake of 64.6% in Swaraj in 2004. The strengthening of Punjab Tractors in 2007, followed by its merger in 2009 and keeping Swaraj, now India's second-largest tractor manufacturer, solidified Mahindra's status.

In 2010, Mahindra Tractors ascended to become the world's top-selling tractor brand, marking a significant milestone. The introduction of the 15 hp Yuvraj tractor (Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT) in 2011 marked a pivotal moment in agricultural modernization. Despite rebranding to Gromax Agri Equipment Limited in 2017, Mahindra's models continue to be marketed under the Trakstar name.

Today, Mahindra stands as a global powerhouse, manufacturing 150,000 tractors annually, with an expanding presence in North America and Australia. The distinguished history of Mahindra tractors underscores its unparalleled journey in spearheading India's tractor industry, culminating in the milestone achievement of producing 3 million tractors by March 2019. With a commitment to meeting the evolving needs of Indian farmers, Mahindra offers new tractor models at affordable prices, reflecting its unwavering dedication to customer-centric innovation.

Why Mahindra Tractors?

Mahindra stands as the world's top-selling tractor brand, admired globally for its performance and reliability. Among Indian farmers, Mahindra Tractors enjoy widespread popularity, thanks to their distinct identity and affordability. The Mahindra Tractor price in India presents a significant advantage for farmers, enabling them to elevate their agricultural practices to unmatched levels.

The accessibility of Mahindra tractors empowers Indian farmers to enhance their farming attempts and engage in various commercial activities. With Mahindra, farmers can increase their farming experiences, leveraging the unbeatable performance and reliability that Mahindra tractors offer. As a result, Mahindra emerges as the preferred choice for Indian farmers, prioritized for its unmatched performance and economic viability.

Mahindra tractors excel within their price segment, offering outstanding performance coupled with a comprehensive suite of advanced features and tools. These tractors are equipped with everything necessary for efficient farming operations, ensuring optimal productivity and ease of use. Moreover, Mahindra prioritizes safety, providing products engineered with top-notch quality and reliability to safeguard farmers during their work in the fields. These tractors, packed with advanced features, are available at attractive prices in the Mahindra tractors price list.

  • Mahindra Tractor brand offers dedicated customer support services.
  • Constantly introduces innovative technology in their products.
  • Provides affordable prices in India while maintaining high quality.
  • Features a unique design for optimal field mileage.
  • Mahindra Tractor's competitive on-road prices position it as a top choice in the Indian market.

Mahindra Tractor India stands out as an all-round farming solution, boasting exceptional engine performance. Renowned for its superb mileage, it has earned the top spot among Indian farmers. To find Mahindra tractor on-road prices, visit CMV360.

Key Features of Mahindra Tractors

If you are seeking a dependable and high-quality tractor, then Mahindra brand tractors are your best choice. With techno-smart and comfortable features, Mahindra tractors excel in performance. The company prioritizes features without compromising on affordability, offering the best-in-class tractors at pocket-friendly prices. 
To know more about the features of Mahindra tractors check below:

  • Multi-Speed PTO: Mahindra tractors feature a Power Take-Off system with multiple speeds, allowing for easy attachment of various implements.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Known for their fuel-efficient engines, Mahindra tractors remain a preferred option for farmers.
  • Hydrostatic Power Steering: Providing effortless maneuverability, Mahindra tractors reduce fatigue during prolonged work periods.
  • Budget-Friendly Pricing: Mahindra offers a comprehensive range of tractors at affordable prices, catering to both marginal and average farmers.
  • Four-Wheel Drive System: Mahindra Tractor models feature a 4WD system for enhancing traction and performance in challenging terrains.
  • Easy Availability of Tractor Parts: Tractor parts are easily available through a nationwide dealer network, ensuring affordability and accessibility.
  • Advanced Transmission Options: Mahindra offers synchromesh, constant mesh, and shuttle shift transmissions for enhanced versatility.
  • mCRD Engine Technology: Mahindra tractors employ mCRD technology, eliminating Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF) for fuel efficiency and reliable power output, ensuring operation without excess heat or burn-off.
  • Ergonomic Design: Mahindra tractors boast ergonomic design features such as comfortable seating, well-placed controls, and operator cabins for enhanced comfort and efficiency.
  • Powerful Lighting System: Equipped with powerful headlights and work lights, Mahindra tractors ensure enhanced visibility during operation.
  • GPS Guidance Compatibility: Advanced Mahindra tractor models come with GPS guidance systems, facilitating precision farming practices.
  • Guaranteed Safety: Mahindra Tractors prioritize safety with features like seatbelts, PTO shields, ROPS, fog lights, and more, ensuring a secure farming experience.

Mahindra Tractors: What's New?

Mahindra & Mahindra recently unveiled the innovative Mahindra OJA series, featuring advanced PROJA, MYOJA, and ROBOJA technology. This series of tractors are designed to meet a wide range of farming requirements. The Mahindra OJA tractors are divided into compact and small utility categories, totaling 7 models. With horsepower ranging from 21 HP to 40 HP, the compact category includes 21 HP, 24 HP, 27 HP, and 30 HP tractors. The small utility segment comprises models with 32 HP, 36 HP, and 40 HP tractors. Additionally, Mahindra plans to launch heavy-duty tractors with up to 70 HP in the near future.

Mahindra Tractors Price in India 2024

In India, Mahindra Tractors offer on-road prices ranging from ₹ 3,10,000 to ₹ 14,75,000. Renowned for affordability, durability, and excellent after-sales service, Mahindra remains the top choice among Indian farmers. The company caters to diverse needs with its wide range of tractor horsepower options available in the Indian market.
Mahindra Tractors India specializes in manufacturing tractors tailored to suit the needs of Indian terrain. With the current Mahindra tractor costs, users and farmers in India are experiencing greater benefits. The affordability of Mahindra tractor costs is particularly advantageous for small or marginal farmers, ensuring their satisfaction. You can find information on Mahindra tractor prices, details about the latest models, popular options, and Mahindra mini tractors right here.

  • Mahindra offers a wide range of tractors with prices starting from Rs. 3.10 lakh and going up to Rs. 14.75 lakh.
  • The pricing of new Mahindra tractors is structured to fit the budget of the average Indian farmer.
  • Mahindra mini tractors are available at a price range starting from Rs. 3.10 lakh and going up to Rs. 6.20 lakh.
  • For those seeking fully equipped options, Mahindra provides a comprehensive tractor price range starting from Rs. 5.50 lakh and going up to Rs. 14.75 lakh.

Mahindra tractor prices are highly affordable, catering to various agricultural needs across India. 

Stay updated with the latest Mahindra tractor on-road prices for 2024 models. For a comprehensive overview of Mahindra tractor prices and models, explore CMV360.

Mahindra Tractor Dealers

  • Mahindra Tractor's dealership network spans across more than 1000 locations, covering approximately 40 countries worldwide.
  • With its extensive reach, Mahindra stands out for having the most widespread dealer network globally among tractor brands.

Check Near by Mahindra Tractor Dealers.

Mahindra Service Center

For further details on the Mahindra tractor service center, visit the authorized Mahindra Service Center.
To explore information about the latest tractor models, prices, and more, visit the official Mahindra tractor website.

Mahindra Toll-Free Number

The Mahindra Tractor Toll-Free Number is 1800 210 0700. For assistance with purchasing or any after-sale queries, feel free to call anytime.

Explore Mahindra Tractor Series in India 2024

Mahindra offers 9 different tractor series that includes Jivo, Yuvo, Yuvo Tech-Plus, Novo, XP Plus, OJA, SP Plus, Arjun, and Mahindra Yuvraj. These tractor series boast advanced features ensuring efficient operations.
These series models are popular among Indian farmers because of their optimal quality and affordable pricing range, which makes them both productive and cost-effective. Each series offers high-quality performance and comprehensive specifications. 
Seek expert advice to choose the most suitable Mahindra tractor for your needs. Explore customer reviews, ratings, and informative videos on the CMV360 YouTube channel for additional insights.

Mahindra Yuvo Tractor Series

Mahindra Yuvo Tractor Series, introduced in India in 2016, caters to diverse farmer requirements. Engine power ranges from 35 HP to 49 HP, with lifting capacities from 1500 KG to 2200 KG.

Prices vary between Rs. 4.95 Lakhs and Rs. 9.05 Lakhs, making Yuvo tractors reliable and economical for various tasks like agriculture, hay baling, and material handling. 

Featuring advanced technology such as slip-free gearboxes, dual-clutch systems, and SLIPTO technology, they ensure enhanced productivity. 

Popular models include the Mahindra YUVO 415 DI 2WD, YUVO 475 DI 2WD, and YUVO 585 MAT in 2WD or 4WD, reflecting their versatility and efficiency.

Mahindra Jivo Tractor Series

Mahindra JIVO, a compact tractor series, is crafted to meet farmer’s agricultural needs efficiently. With engine power capacities spanning from 20 HP to 36 HP, these tractors are ideal for vineyards, orchards, and cotton or sugarcane farming.

The JIVO series currently offers two models: Jivo 245 VINEYARD and Jivo 305 DI 4WD VINEYARD, tailored specifically for vineyard tasks. Their standout feature is the advanced DiGi SENSE technology, utilizing GPS to prevent theft and alert owners of battery health or maintenance issues. 

Fuel tank capacities range from 22 to 35 liters, with lifting capabilities from 750 Kg to 900 Kg. Prices range from Rs. 2.91 lakh to Rs. 6 lakh (ex-showroom), with popular models including JIVO 245 DI and JIVO 225 DI, often backed by a 5-year warranty for customer assurance.

Mahindra Xp-Plus Tractor Series

The Mahindra XP Plus Series, introduced in 1967, showcases Mahindra Tractor’s legacy of trust, having produced over 30 Lakh tractors since its establishment. Ideal for farming tasks like sowing, planting, and plowing, these tractors boast engine power capacities ranging from 33 HP to 50 HP, catering to diverse agricultural needs.

Farmers appreciate their versatility and ease of use, whether for farming or commercial applications. Priced between Rs. 4.79 lakhs to Rs. 6.60 lakhs (ex-showroom) and with lifting capacities of 1500 to 2500 kg, they're popular across India.

The powerful ELS DI engines with high torque ensure excellent performance. Notable models include Mahindra 415 DI XP PLUS, 575 DI XP Plus, and 585 DI XP Plus, renowned for their high mileage, user-friendly features, and low maintenance costs. Setting industry standards, these tractors offer a six-year warranty, further enhancing their appeal.

Mahindra SP-Plus Tractor Series

Introduced to the Indian market in 2022, Mahindra's SP Plus Tractor Series offers a diverse range of tractors with engine power capacities from 37 HP to 50 HP.

Renowned for their robust ELS DI engine and impressive torque, they excel in various farming tasks. These tractors are not only powerful but also fuel-efficient, boasting the lowest fuel consumption in their category. With lifting capacities ranging from 1500 kg to 1800 kg, they prove to be reliable partners on the field.

Priced reasonably, starting from Rs. 5.65 Lakh and reaching up to Rs. 7.31 Lakh, popular models include Mahindra 275 DI SP PLUS, Mahindra 275 DI TU SP PLUS, Mahindra 415 DI SP PLUS, and Mahindra 475 DI MS SP PLUS. 

These tractors are ideal for plowing, planting, cultivating, and more, backed by a six-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Mahindra Novo Tractor Series

Introduced in 2015, Mahindra's Novo Tractor Series offers a range of engine power capacities from 48 HP to 74 HP in India. Notably, their robust engines stand out, delivering high torque for heavy-duty farming tasks.

With lifting capacities ranging from 2200 kg to 2900 kg, they handle diverse chores like plowing, tilling, harvesting, hauling, sowing, planting, and reaping. Prices for the Novo series start at Rs. 6.5 lakhs and extend up to 14.75 lakhs (ex-showroom) in India.

Popular models include Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 DI-MS, Arjun Novo 605 Di-PS, Arjun Novo 605 Dl-i-4wd, Novo 755 DI, and Novo 655 DI. Equipped with modern features such as advanced hydraulics, strong backup torque, and efficient transmission systems, these tractors ensure ease of use and smooth operations.

They also feature fuel-efficient engines, ROPS, canopy options, and a 6-year warranty, emphasizing their reliability and low maintenance requirements.

Mahindra Yuvraj Tractor Series

Mahindra's Yuvraj Tractor series stands out for its compact yet powerful tractors, adept at efficiently handling various farming tasks. With an engine power capacity of around 15 HP, these tractors offer exceptional fuel efficiency compared to similar models.

Their strong DI engine and impressive torque output ensure outstanding performance with all farming equipment. Additionally, they boast a load-lifting capacity of up to 778 Kg, facilitating the transportation of multiple goods.

Praised for their reliability and affordability, these tractors are priced between Rs. 3.05 Lakh to Rs. 3.40 Lakh (ex-showroom). Their compact size and robust performance make them ideal for small fields and inter-crop operations, excelling in tasks like plowing, tilling, and seeding.

Loaded with features like automatic depth control hydraulics and side shift gears, they enhance usability and efficiency. Particularly favored by farmers using tools like cultivators, trailers, and seed drills, the Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT model stands out for its advanced technology, boasting a powerful ELS DI engine with high torque generation capacity.

Prioritizing operator comfort with modern features, these tough and reliable tractors come with a warranty of around one year, providing owners with peace of mind.

Mahindra Yuvo Tech-Plus Tractor Series

The latest Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus tractor series revolutionizes modern agriculture with innovative solutions. These tractors, equipped with advanced technology like powerful engines, enhanced transmission, and advanced hydraulic systems, ensure heightened productivity, speed, and precision in farming operations.

Standout features include increased backup torque, 12F + 3R gears, an adjustable luxury seat, and bright wrap-around clear lens headlights, setting them apart from competitors.

Popular models such as the Mahindra YUVO TECH Plus 405 DI and Mahindra YUVO Tech Plus 475 4WD lead the series. Launched by Mahindra, the Yuvo Tech Plus series aims to optimize productivity and reduce costs for Indian farmers.

With engine power capacities ranging from 33HP to 49HP and robust designs built for demanding farming environments, these tractors are priced between Rs. 5.50 Lakhs and Rs. 9.05 Lakhs. Offering heavy-duty features and lifting capacities from 1500KG to 1800KG for each model, the Yuvo Tech Plus series ensures exceptional performance and value.

Mahindra Arjun Tractor Series

The Mahindra Arjun tractor series is renowned for its robust performance and efficiency, ideal for regular farm operations. With engine power capabilities ranging from 48.7 HP to 60 HP, these tractors are equipped to handle tough farming conditions.

Offering lifting capacities between 1800 kg to 2200 kg, they ensure efficient handling of various tasks. Mahindra Arjun tractors are known for their potency and minimal fuel consumption, thanks to powerful ELS DI engines, high maximum torque, and exceptional backup torque.

With a six-year warranty, they exemplify toughness redefined. Priced between Rs. 7.50 lakhs to Rs. 8.80 lakhs, Mahindra Arjun tractors are suitable for both farming and non-farming operations, including heavy transport and use with attachments like rotovators, cultivators, and reapers.

Popular models such as the Mahindra Arjun 605 DI PP and Mahindra Arjun 555 DI offer low operating and maintenance costs, along with versatility for various agricultural and commercial applications.

Mahindra OJA Tractor Series

Mahindra's OJA tractor series, formerly known as Mahindra K2, debuted on August 15, 2023, in Cape Town. These tractors, light yet robust, are engineered to tackle demanding tasks efficiently. With engine power ranging from 21 to 40 HP, OJA tractors boast resilient engines that endure rough conditions.

Their lifting capacity of up to 950 kg simplifies farming operations. Priced between Rs. 4.78 lakhs and Rs. 7.40 lakhs, the OJA series offers affordability for small to medium-scale farms. Popular models include Mahindra OJA 2121 4WD and Mahindra OJA 3140 4WD.

Featuring 4 engines, 4 transmission technologies, and smart automation, the OJA series ensures adaptability for diverse agricultural tasks, offering unparalleled versatility and efficiency. Manufactured in collaboration with Mitsubishi Mahindra Agriculture Machinery, Japan, OJA tractors utilize 4-wheel drive technology and are fuel-efficient, delivering exceptional performance regardless of weather conditions.

Best Mahindra Mini Tractors

Mahindra mini tractors perfectly combine convenience and comfort, featuring design and functionality that enhance output and crop productivity. Ideal for harvesting, haulage, puddling, and reaping activities, these tractors are engineered to optimize performance in various agricultural tasks.
Some Popular Mini Tractors are:

  • Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT
  • Mahindra OJA 2121
  • Mahindra JIVO 225 DI
  • Mahindra JIVO 225 DI 4WD

Best Mahindra 2WD Tractors

Mahindra's 2WD tractors, also known as 2x2 tractors, feature a robust rear axle providing exceptional traction. With a single axle, they generate power ranging from 4 to 150 KW. Their small turning radius facilitates easier maneuverability compared to 4WD tractors. Ideal for cultivating small landholdings, orchards, and vineyards, these tractors offer versatility and efficiency in various agricultural tasks. 

Some popular Mahindra 2WD Tractors are mentioned below: 

  • Mahindra YUVRAJ 215 NXT
  • Mahindra JIVO 225 DI

Best Mahindra 4WD Tractors

Mahindra's 4WD, 4X4, or four-wheel-drive tractors provide enhanced traction and stability, preventing vehicles from slipping or going off-balance. Built with industry-smart technology, they effectively avoid slippage across different surfaces, ensuring reliable performance in diverse operating conditions.
Some of the popular Mahindra 4 WD Tractors, that are suitable for heavy-duty farming operations are mentioned below: 

  • Mahindra JIVO 225 DI 4WD
  • Mahindra JIVO 305 DI 4WD
  • Mahindra JIVO 245 DI 4WD

Mahindra Tractor by HP Range

Mahindra 20 HP Tractor in India

Compact tractors with up to 20 HP (14.9 kW) are perfectly suited for small landholdings and orchards. Their compact size and maneuverability make them ideal for performing intercultural operations with ease and efficiency. Below are some of the mentioned tractors: -

  • MAHINDRA YUVRAJ 215 NXT - Perfect for small farms and landholdings.
  • MAHINDRA JIVO 225 DI - They are all-round farming equipment, equipped with a powerful DI engine.

Mahindra 21 HP Tractor in India

Within the 21 HP category, the Mahindra OJA 2121 tractor provides 21 HP to its Power Take-Off (PTO). It incorporates a 12 forward and 12 reverse gear transmission system, along with oil-immersed brakes for optimal functionality.

Mahindra 35 HP Tractor in India

The Mahindra 35 HP tractor stands out as an excellent mini tractor, offering numerous impressive features. Its price is ideally suited for small land farmers. Check out the Mahindra 35 HP tractor price list in India below.

  • Mahindra 275 DI ECO - ₹ 4.95 - 5.15 Lakh.
  • Mahindra YUVO 275 DI - ₹ 6.00 - 6.20 Lakh.

Mahindra 40 HP Tractor in India

The Mahindra 40 HP tractor is ideal for a range of farming activities including harvesting, cultivation, and plowing. With an affordable price, it fits well within the farmer's budget. Below is the Mahindra 40 HP tractor price list in India.

  • Mahindra 415 DI - ₹ 6.20 - 6.60 Lakh
  • Mahindra YUVO 415 DI - ₹ 7.00 - 7.30 Lakh

Mahindra 45 Hp Tractor in India

The Mahindra 45 HP tractor is economically advantageous due to its efficient mileage and fuel efficiency, resulting in cost savings for farmers. The Mahindra 45 HP tractor price is tailored to suit Indian farmer’s budgets. Below is the popular Mahindra 45 HP tractor price list in India.

  • Mahindra 575 DI - ₹ 6.80 - 7.10 Lakh
  • Mahindra YUVO 575 DI - ₹ 7.60 - 7.75 Lakh

Mahindra 50 HP Tractor in India

The Mahindra 50 HP tractor efficiently handles farming tasks on large land areas. With a low and cost-effective price in India, the Mahindra tractor 50 HP is a practical choice for farmers. Below is the Mahindra 50 HP tractor price list in India.

  • Mahindra 595 DI TURBO - ₹ 7.10 - 7.55 Lakh
  • Mahindra 585 DI XP Plus - ₹ 7.00 - 7.30 Lakh
  • Mahindra Arjun 555 DI - ₹ 7.80 - 8.05 Lakh

Mahindra Tractor Over 60 HP in India

Mahindra tractors with over 60 HP provide cutting-edge farm technology, making them ideal for various complex farming applications.

  • Mahindra NOVO 655 DI PP V1 - This tractor is equipped with sturdy tires designed to minimize slippage on inclines or wet surfaces.

Mahindra Under 75 HP Tractor in India

Renowned for their advanced technology and sturdy construction, these tractors excel in both commercial and agricultural settings, enhancing farming efficiency. The Mahindra NOVO 755 DI PP 4WD V1 tractors within this category boast a lifting capacity of 2900 kg, dual (SLIPTO) Clutch, and double-acting power steering with approximately 4 cylinders. Priced between ₹ 14.15 - 14.75 Lakh, this Mahindra’s 74 HP tractor offers exceptional value for its features and capabilities.

Mahindra Tractor Sales Report In India

April 2024 saw a 1% rise in domestic sales and a 23% increase in exports. Overall, the total tractor sales for April 2024 stood at 37,039 units, marking a 2% increase from the total sales of 36,405 units recorded in April 2023.

Mahindra Tractor FAQs

The domestic sales of tractors in India have doubled in a couple of years, and Mahindra has risen as one of the best tractor brands in India. Seeing such positive growth, Mahindra has already introduced over 80 tractors and is willing to introduce 0 upcoming tractors too.

Mahindra is known for its rough & tough, and reliable tractors in India. Its tractors can function well on the field and on the road applications. If we talk about Mahindra's most popular tractor in India, it's the Mahindra Arjun Novo 605 DI-i-4WD.

If you want to get the latest price details for Mahindra tractors for 2024, CMV360 will be a good platform. Here we aim to keep you updated with the latest tractor price in India, along with their key specifications and finance facility.

Mahindra tractors are available in 36 HP to 74 HP.

Mahindra is a top tractor brand in India and offers a wide portfolio under diverse horsepower categories. The price range of Mahindra tractors varies from ₹ 3.10 Lakh to ₹ 14.75 Lakh.

Mahindra has recently launched Mahindra Arjun 605 DI MS V1 in the Indian market. This tractor model has an engine capacity of Not Available cc and a lifting capacity of 2200 Kg.

Mahindra has launched many mini tractors in India with reliable engines and compact dimensions. Some of the popular Mahindra mini tractors in India are the Mahindra Yuvraj 215 NXT, Mahindra Jivo 365 DI and Mahindra Jivo 245 DI.

Mahindra is known for top-notch tractor models that meet modern emission norms, provide high power, and good mileage. This tractor brand is planning to launch about 0 upcoming tractors within 2024.

Most 2WD tractors come within budget and offer superior performance on the dry field and flat roads. If you are looking for the best 2WD Mahindra tractors in India, you can buy NA.

Mahindra tractors are known for their sturdy build and robust engine technology, and Mahindra’s tractor models can lift up to 2900 Kg of farm equipment.
Mahindra Tractor ModelsHP CategoryLifting CapacityPrice
Mahindra Yuvo 575 DI45 HP1500 Kg7.60 Lakh
Mahindra Yuvo 475 DI42 HP1500 Kg7.00 Lakh
Mahindra Jivo 245 DI24 HP750 Kg5.30 Lakh
Mahindra Jivo 225 DI20 HP750 Kg4.30 Lakh
Mahindra Jivo 365 DI36 HP900 Kg5.90 Lakh

The monthly EMI for a Mahindra tractor depends upon the model of the tractor. At CMV360 check the EMI amount for a specific Mahindra tractor and model.

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