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40 HP Tractors in India

So, you are looking for a 40 HP tractor but are confused about which one to choose. Worry not, here at CMV360 we provide you with a list of top 40 HP tractors from various brands like Eicher,Captain,VST and more. If you want more or less power, you can also check other options by changing the filter and choosing the tractor that suits your needs the most.
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182 of 528 Tractors are matching your filter.

Eicher 333-image

Eicher 333

₹ 5.45 LakhEx-showroom Price
36 HP
hpForCard 1650 Kg
Eicher 368-image

Eicher 368

₹ 5.40 LakhEx-showroom Price
36 HP
hpForCard 1200 Kg
Eicher 241-image

Eicher 241

₹ 3.83 LakhEx-showroom Price
25 HP
hpForCard 700 Kg
Eicher 188-image

Eicher 188

₹ 3.20 LakhEx-showroom Price
18 HP
hpForCard 700 Kg
Captain 250 DI-image

Captain 250 DI

₹ 3.84 LakhEx-showroom Price
25 HP
hpForCard 1000 Kg
VST MT 225-image

VST MT 225

₹ 3.71 LakhEx-showroom Price
22 HP
hpForCard 750 Kg
Captain 280-image

Captain 280

₹ 4.98 LakhEx-showroom Price
28 HP
hpForCard 750 Kg
Captain 273-image

Captain 273

₹ 4.65 LakhEx-showroom Price
27 HP
Captain 200 DI-image

Captain 200 DI

₹ 3.13 LakhEx-showroom Price
20 HP
hpForCard 600 Kg



What do you understand by the term horsepower(HP)?

The amount of power produced by an engine to execute various processes is referred to as horsepower. The word "engine horsepower" was coined in the 1800s. In order to execute operations or applications, James Watt invented a steam engine. What is the horsepower calculation formula? We can determine tractor horsepower, which includes torque and RPM, using the watt equation. RPM and torque are directly related to horsepower. Increased torque and RPM resulted in more horsepower. Hp = Torque x RPM ÷ 5252 The significance of Horsepower Engine power is measured in horsepower. It denotes the capacity of a tractor's engine.

Frequently Asked Questions

Swaraj Code also known for its affordability and the ex showroom price is 2.45 Lakh.

"Here is the list of Top 5 most expensive 40 tractors in India.
Brand ModelPrice
Swaraj 963 FE9.70 Lakh
John Deere 3036E8.45 Lakh
Mahindra Yuvo Tech Plus 405 DI 4WD7.81 Lakh
John Deere 3036EN7.61 Lakh
VST 939 4WD7.50 Lakh

Yes, 40 HP tractors are perfect for small farms, as they provide enough power to perform various farming activities, including tilling, plowing, seeding, and harvesting. Additionally, they are compact and maneuverable, making them ideal for small fields

"There are several good 40 HP tractors available in the market. How-ever, the following 5 follow our tops the list
Brand ModelHPPrice
Force Balwan 400 Super406.88 Lakh
John Deere 5105406.55 Lakh
Preet 4049 4WD406.40 Lakh
Mahindra 415 DI406.63 Lakh
Eicher 380406.10 Lakh

Yes, 40 HP tractors can pull 1800 Kg. heavy loads, provided they are equipped with the right attachments and implements. They are capable of pulling trailers, cultivators, plows, mowers, and other farm equipment.




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